Workspace Management

Office hoteling and telecommuting programs are the future of efficiently managing limited workspace. They offer the ideal balance between employee flexibility and cost efficiency, while providing every employee with workspace and necessary facilities.

Roving workspace management solution aligns your workforce with available workspace via the Cloud. Whether you are deploying an office hoteling program or simply need to maximize available workspace with desk and meeting room reservation software, success is in proper implementation and management.

In the Cloud

Roving collects real-time data, making measuring and understanding workspace resource scheduling straightforward. Our solution improves space utilization based on your unique workforce and corporate real estate strategy.

Common Scenarios

Does your workforce consist of mobile salespeople or agents who conduct business primarily from home? The benefits of shared workspace and meeting rooms are immediate. Maximize available workspace, create a collaborative in-office environment and minimize empty desks and conference rooms.

Do you have a workforce who comes into the office primarily to collaborate with co-workers and clients? Give them the flexibility to use shared workspace without compromising productivity. A straightforward workspace management solution makes conference room reservations and desk reservations simple.

Make it Easy

Technology drives the success of any workspace management program. We know from experience. Roving users quickly locate and reserve desks, conference rooms or meeting rooms and other shared workspaces, as well as search other employees and staff calendars. Even non-technical users adapt quickly to the intuitive interface. Roving is cloud-based and integrates with Microsoft Outlook.

Real Benefits

Aligning a mobile workforce with available workspace and immediately realize benefits.